高二英语必修五知识总结:人教版必修五Unit1 Great scientists(含答案和解析)

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今天小牛英语为大家分享了Unit1 Great scientists的常考知识点,做点练习巩固一下啦!

Ⅰ. 单句语法填空

1.For those with family members far away, the personal computer and the phone are important in staying __connected__(connect).

解析:本题考查非谓语动词。句意:对那些与家人离得比较远的人来说,个人电脑和电话在保持联系方面很重要。本句中的关键词是stay(保持),它是一个连系动词,后接形容词作表语。connected是形容词,意为“有联系的,有来往的”,符合句意。stay connected是“stay+形容词化的过去分词”构成的系表结构。本题中的staying connected和keeping in touch表达同一个意思。

2.The producer comes regularly to collect the cameras__returned__(return) to our shop for quality problems.


3.When the group discussion is nearing its end, make sure to conclude it __with__ important points.


4.__To_stay__(stay) warm at night, I would fill the woodstove, then set my alarm clock for midnight so I could refill it.

解析:考查非谓语动词。句意:为了在晚上保持温暖,我会往炉子里添柴,并把闹钟定到午夜以便我可以起来给炉火添柴。to stay为不定式在句中作目的状语。

5.The old couple often take a walk after supper in the park with their pet dog __following__(follow) them.

解析:考查with的复合结构。句意:这对老夫妇经常在晚饭后带着他们的宠物狗在公园里散步。在with的复合结构中,宾语their pet dog与宾语补足语之间为主动关系,故用following作宾语补足语。

6.—I hope to take the computer course.

—Good idea.__To_find__(find) out more about it, visit this website.


7.__A__73­year­old woman, who died of respiratory failure on Dec.6, was confirmed to have been carrying __the__H10N8virus.


8.Be careful when you deal with this chemical, as it will explode when __exposed__(expose) to sunlight.

解析:考查非谓语动词。句意:处理该化学物质时一定要小心,因为暴露在阳光下,它会爆炸。when后省略了句子的主语it(this chemical)和动词be的形式is,所以填exposed。

9.Some school teachers complained, “Many kids haven't got any hobbies— __unless__ you call playing computer games a hobby.”


10.To be honest, no speech __made__(make) so far has had the same effect on me as this one.

解析:考查非谓语动词作后置定语。观察句子结构,不难发现句子已经有了谓语has had effect on,故应填入非谓语动词。make与speech构成被动关系,结合时间状语so far,故选过去分词,即表被动又表完成。句意:老实说,迄今为止,这是对我最有影响的演讲。

11.Land used to grow crops feeds five times more people than land __where__animals are kept.


12.Please send us all the information __that__ you have about the candidate for the position.


13.When he came back three hours later, they were still sitting on the sofa, __absorbed__(absorb) in conversation.

解析:考查非谓语动词。句意:当他三个小时后回来时,他们仍坐在沙发上,聚精会神地交谈。be absorbed in为固定搭配,意为“专心于”,所以此处应用absorb的过去分词形式,作伴随状语。

14.—Who is __to_blame__(blame) for the shooting at a movie theatre in America?

—A gunman named James Eagan Holmes.

解析:问句句意:谁要为发生在美国电影院的枪击案负责?be to blame为固定短语,意为“该受责备”。本身为被动含义,不用于被动语态。

15.__Reducing__(reduce) the gap between the rich and the poor is one of the main challenges facing the government.

解析:句意:缩小贫富之间的差距是这届政府面临的主要挑战之一,Reducing the gap...the proor是动名词短语做主语。

Ⅱ. 完成句子

1.His attitude suggested that the proposal __put_forward__(提出) by the doctor made no sense.

2.It seems that his parents __are_strict_with_him_in_his_study__(在学习上对他要求严格).

3.__It_can_be_said_with_certainty_that___(可以肯定地说)pollution has a bad effect on our daily life.

4.It can be foreseen that an organization will be set up so as to __look into the traffic accident (调查这起交通事故).

5.Every time he went there, he hoped to find solutions to curing him of his disease (治愈他的疾病).

6.Only when he knows the result (只有当他知道结果时) will he believe me.

7.The experts suggested that measures should be taken (应该采取措施) to handle the water pollution immediately.

8.Some supporting evidence has been found from two other deaths linked to/with this kind of disease (与这种病相关的).

9.The drinking water has been improved so much that people are no longer worried about (已经改善了很多以致人们不再担心) the factories in the neighborhood.

10.__It_has_been_announced__(已经宣布了) that two suspects were arrested in the area on the day of the robbery.

Ⅲ. 单句改错

1.To conclude with, the university is worth looking forward to! Let's work hard for it together!


2.If exposing to the sun, your skin might get sunburnt.Do be careful!


3.Absorbing in the book she was reading, Mary didn't notice me approaching.


4.I've got some unfinished business to attend.


5.This sentence just doesn't make sense of, no matter how you read it.


6.We have got the instruction that we will complete the task ahead of time.


7.Although defeating in the match, we didn't lose heart.


8.Neither he nor I are going to see the film tonight because we have a lot of work to do.


Ⅳ. 教材原句

1.John Snow was a famous doctor in London—so expert, indeed,__that__he attended Queen Victoria as her personal physician.


2.But he became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people__exposed__(expose) to cholera.

解析:句意:但当他一想到要帮助受到霍乱威胁的普通百姓,他就感到很振奋。“(be) exposed to”意为“暴露于……”,在此处作后置定语,修饰people。

3.He became interested in two theories that possibly explained__how__cholera killed people.


4.He was__determined__(determine) to find out why.

解析:“be determined to do”意为“下定决心做……”。

5.First he marked on a map the exact places__where__all the dead people had lived.


6.With this extra evidence John Snow was able to announce with certainty__that__polluted water carried the virus.


7.He knew that cholera would never be controlled__until__its cause was found.


8.He found that it came from the river__polluted__(pollute) by the dirty water from London.

解析:“the river”与“pollute”之间为被动关系,故应填过去分词作其后置定语。

Ⅴ. 语篇填空

First he marked on a map the exact places ①__where__ all the dead people had lived.This gave him ②__a__ valuable clue about the cause of the disease.Many of the ③__deaths__(dead) were near the water pump in Broad Street (especially numbers 16, 37, 38 and 40).He also noticed that some houses (such as 20 and 21 Broad Street and 8 and 9 Cambridge Street) had had no deaths.He had not foreseen this, so he made ④__further__(far) investigations.He discovered that these people worked in the pub at 7 Cambridge Street.They bad been given free beer and so had not drunk the water ⑤__from__ the pump.It seemed that the water was ⑥__to_blame__(blame).

Next, John Snow looked into the source of the water for these two streets.He found that ⑦__it__ came from the river ⑧__polluted__(pollute) by the dirty water from London.⑨__He__ immediately told the astonished people in Broad Street to remove the handle from the pump so that it could not be used.Soon afterwards the disease slowed down.He had shown that cholera ⑩__was_spread__(spread) by germs and not in a cloud of gas.

Ⅵ. 话题写作


1.Simon's English teacher__is_very_strict_with__him.


2.She often__puts_forward_questions for Simon to answer.


3.__Apart_from__this, she suggests Simon __draw_conclusions__ from texts.




5.Simon__has_his_compositions_checked__and learns from the good articles.


6.__Every_time_Simon_wants_to_give_up__,she always encourages him not to.


7.__Only_if__he never gives up can he succeed.




Simon's English teacher is very strict with him and she often puts forward questions for Simon to answer.Apart from this, she suggests Simon draw conclusions from texts and in this way, Simon absorbs great knowledge from reading.In addition,Simon has his compositions checked and learns from the good articles.Every time Simon wants to give up, she always encourages him not to, because only if he never gives up can he succeed.With the help of the teacher, Simon has made rapid progress.