高二英语必修五知识总结:人教版必修五Unit1 Great scientists词汇及知识重点

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高二的同学大部分都在学习必修五了,今天小牛英语和大家分享的是人教版必修五Unit1 Great scientists的常考单词、短语、写作句式及核心词汇集中串记,希望对大家有帮助!

Ⅰ. 常考单词必背

1.concludevt. 推断出;缔结;使结束 vi.结束;总结;作决定;作协议

From what he says I conclude that he has not much interest in it.



(1) conclude sth (from sth)/that...推断出,断定

to conclude总而言之;最后

(2)conclusion n.结论;结束

draw/reach/arrive at/come to a conclusion得出结论

come to the conclusion that...所得结论是……

in conclusion最后

2.exposevt. 使暴露;使显露;使面临;揭露;揭发

She exposed her unwanted baby by the roadside.


This film has been exposed.




expose oneself to使自己暴露于……

(2)exposed adj.暴露的;无掩盖的

be exposed to暴露于……

(3)exposure n.[U]暴露;显露;揭露

3.challengen.挑战 vt. 向……挑战

We will build our defenses beyond challenge,lest weakness invite challenge.


New competitors are emerging to challenge the old economic arrangements.



challenging adj.有挑战性的

challenged adj.残障的;缺少……的

4.absorbvt. 吸收;消减;获得;学会;吸引……的注意;使全神贯注;占去(精力、时间等)

Can your brain absorb all this information?


The game absorbed the boy completely.



be absorbed in全神贯注于;一心从事于;热衷于

(同义词语:be lost in,be devoted to,apply oneself to,put one's heart into...)

be absorbed by被……所吸收

5.suspect vt. 认为;怀疑 n.嫌疑犯;被怀疑者

The police suspected him of having taken the money.


I suspected the same,but I kept telling myself it was my imagination.


The police took the suspect to the police station.



suspect that...怀疑……,认为……

suspect sb of (doing) sth 怀疑某人(做)某事

suspect sb to be...认为某人……

6.blamevt.&vi.责备;归咎于;埋怨 n.[U]责任;指责,责备

Don't always blame him;he is only a little child.


There is no blame attached to his life.



(1)blame sb/sth for sth/doing sth 因……怪罪,责怪……

blame sth on sb/sth 把责任推给……

be to blame应受谴责;应负责

(2)put the blame on/upon sb 把责任推到……上

accept/take/bear the blame 对……负责

7.handlen.[C] ①柄;把手②把柄;可乘之机 vt.①拿;触②处理;管理③运用;操纵

Have you turned the handle all the way to the right?


Lots of stores,hotels,and restaurants are needed to handle the crowds.


As nobody here knows what is wrong with the machine,we must send for an engineer to handle the problem.


8.linkvt.& n.连接;联系

The rivers are linked by a new canal.


Is there a link between smoking and lung disease?




Yellow is linked with confidence,self-respect and friendliness.黄色一般与自信、自尊和友好相联系。

9.announcevt. ①(接名词或从句)宣告;宣布;告知②宣布……的到来/出席

They announced their engagement to the family.


The Prime Minister announced that she would resign.首相宣布她将辞职。


(1)It is announced that...据宣布……;据通知……

announce sth to sb向某人宣布……

announce后不跟双宾语,即不能说announce sb sth,要说announce sth to sb。

(2)announcement n.[C] &[U]通知;通告;布告

make an announcement 发布声明;下通知

10.contributevt. 捐助;投稿 vi.投稿;贡献

The local government hoped that everybody living in the region contributed to the Red Cross.


Don't contribute after the closing date.



contribution n.贡献,捐赠,捐助;捐助物;投稿,来稿

contribute to (把……)捐给……,投(稿)给;导致;做贡献

make a contribution to对……做贡献

Ⅱ. 高频短语必会

1.put forward 提出

More than one suggestion has been put forward at the meeting so far.



put aside节省;储蓄 put away放好;积蓄

put back 放回;拨回 put down记下;镇压

put off延迟;推迟

2.apart from 除……之外;此外

Apart from that,there were all sorts of disasters that used to occur on the way to and from work.



tell...apart 区分 take apart 拆开

come/fell apart 摔碎;碎了

be worlds apart 完全不同

3.be strict with sb 对某人要求严格

While he loves his students,he is very strict with them.



be strict in sth 对某事严格

strictly adv.严格地

strictly speaking 严格地说

4.make sense 讲得通;有意义;合乎情理

No matter how you read it,the sentence just doesn't make sense.无论你怎样读这个句子,它还是讲不通。


a sense of success 成功感

common sense 常识

a man with good sense 通情达理的人

come to (one's) senses (昏迷后)苏醒过来

in a sense 从某种意义上说

in no sense 决不

make sense of 弄懂……的意思

out of one's senses 失去理性

Ⅲ. 写作句式必学

1.Neitherits cause norits cure was understood.


2.So many thousands of terrified people died every time there was an outbreak.


3.It seemed thatthe water was to blame.


4.He immediately told the astonished people to remove the handle from the pump so that it could not be used.


5.A woman liked the water from the pump so much thatshe had it deliveredto her house every day.


Ⅳ. 核心单词集中串记


A Strange Disease

When the constructionof the fireworkfactory came to the stage of painting,a pumpwas put in.Then,all the paintersin the neighborhood__1__ (defeat) by a severedisease whose characteristicwas alike to __2__ of a bad burn.

An expertphysicianwas instructedto attendto the victimsand handlethis case.He was enthusiastic,but he didn't foresee that it was __3__ hard challenge.After simple enquiry,he announcedthat the __4__ (pollute) paint was to blame.But without positiveevidence,people suspectedand rejectedhis view,__5__ (say) the theoryhe put forwardmade no sense.Being much more strict __6__ himself,he contributedhimself to the case.Apart frommaking enquiries,he made detailed charts and analyzedthe data __7__ (cautious).Finally,he drew a scientific__8__(conclude),linkingthe disease to the radiumin the pump.__9__ (expose) to radium,a kind of radioactivematerial in the universe,people absorbed radiationand got sick immediately.

Spinning the pump backward,he took away the radium.This simple __10__(move) curedall the victims.

答案 1.were defeated 2.that 3.a 4.polluted 5.saying 6.with 7.cautiously 8.conclusion 9.Exposed 10.movement